Mass Exodus: An Inevitable Shift happened on April 6 this year. Hosted by the School of Fashion, it's an opportunity for fashion design and fashion communication students to showcase their designs. The invitation-only show was curated by Vivek Shraya.

I wanted to cover this even because it's a big night for the School of Fashion and something worth sharing with the Ryersonian's audience. Since it's a visual story, I wanted to show the audience as much as I could. I did this live throughout the show by publishing stories on the newspaper's Instagram.


I took pictures throughout the show and published them online in a photo gallery, along with a write-up. The webpage was further advertised in the paper with a short column encouraging readers to see more photos online.

1. Instagram stories

During the live fashion show, I published Instagram stories on the Ryersonian's account. From the start of the show to the end, I documented some highlights and context to what was going on as it was happening.

(A part at the start of the video may not work—it was just showing off some speakers at the show and some extra info)

2. Online story

I wrote a 309 word online story to go alongside the photo gallery. It includes quotes from speakers at the show, details on the behind-the-scenes aspects and the meaning behind this year's theme. 

3. Photo gallery

All photos featured in the online gallery (shown above) were taken by me. I edited them onto a canvas according to the Ryersonian's online photo requirements (1260x756). 

4. Print story

A short recap was published in April 10th's newspaper in the Arts& Life section. I designed this page that week and wanted to include one photo from the event that tells readers there are more photos to see online. The longer version was posted online.